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Chakra Cleanse 30 mins 80$



Chakras can be blocked with negative patterns and energies. This blocks your energy flow and cause problems in daily life, and on your psychic development or spiritual growth path.  Cleansing and balancing chakras can bring you back to harmony. It can heal many problems, and cleanse negative emotions, as well.

Chakra balancing and cleansing  can last a few days to months or years, but it is most certainly a temporary thing, and you may require multiple treatments. No practitioner can or should promise to cleanse and balance your chakras for good.  Chakra cleansing opens the doorwways for stronger personal spiritual practices. Cleansing and balancing your chakras can help you in time of trouble, or when you’re a beginner psychic, and you’re not sure how to cleanse yourself.

Spiritualist Heal 30 mins 80$


Rev. Rivera was ordained as a Healing Minister. She believes Spiritual Healing to be a fundamental part of her Ministry and service to God.

Spiritual healing has been practiced in all ages. It is recognized in the Bible and has been a tenet of ancient and modern religions alike. Marjorie does not deny that physicians and surgeons are necessary, in fact she encourages that Spiritual Healing be used in cooperation with them at all times. Marjorie feels that Spiritual Healing goes deeper than the relief of physical ailments. Because it is spiritual in nature it is directed to the spiritual spark which gives you life. Any dis-harmony or dis-ease within the spirit is cleared and then the healing permeates through each level of existence, harmonizing and realigning as it goes, reaching the outer physical existence last. 

Ancestral Healing 60 mins 150$



As a medium, Rev. Rivera will help you call upon your ancestors to help you heal your life currently and to extend healing back through your family tree. If you are suffering from any ailment/discomfort (physical or emotional) you can  access your spiritual or karmic DNA and release yourself to freedom and empowerment now.
Healing with your Ancestors is an important healing process because we are impacted by emotional and energetic patterns from prior generations in our family. Some of these patterns can create obstacles in our lives, blocking our pathway to joy, abundance, authentic power and unlimited possibilities.

Divine Release 60 mins 150$


 A long awaited new offering. The powerful process of Divine Release*,  is a Transformational Spiritual process that empowers individuals to un-create reactive response patterns to past trauma, and restore lost resources through a gentle heartfelt process. If you have found yourself blocked, stuck or re-creating patterns of energy that no longer serve you, this process is for you !! Think past (life) regression meets carpe-diem, a powerful spiritual kick start !  You will enter a hypnotic state and be taken to a moment in time when your pattern began, whether in this life, or a past one. We will observe the dynamics of why you adopted a belief system in accordance with this situation that are effecting your life NOW, and release the emotional charge, freeing you. FREEDOM is what its all about. 

Private Crossings 60 mins 150$


 If you suspect that a loved one has not crossed into the light and needs the assistance of a Medium to help them cross over, Rev. Rivera is happy to be of assistance to them and you. There are a number of reasons that someone might not have gone into the light, which could be complicated. Ghostly TV shows may have you believe that sending them into the light is as easy as shouting ” go to the light!” But what if they can’t find it?  

Rev. Rivera can be a guide to them and help them cross over if for whatever reason ( fear of judgement, anger, shame, unfinished business….) they didn’t go. This session would require you to bring photos or personal items of your deceased loved one (LOLOS) with you. 

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