Pgh Medium Home Parties


We consider a Pgh Medium party to be when you gather a group of your friends or family and every person(8-12) wants to receive an individual or private reading. Every person will have a reading of 30 minutes.   

At the PGH Medium party each  guest will have the option to choose one or both of the following readings: 

  • Mediumship: Messages from Loved Ones and Ancestors (LOLOS) Loved Ones come to validate existence in the afterlife.
  • Mediumship: Messages from Angels (Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels/Life Guides) Angels come to talk about your everyday life. Love, career, family, health and finances are common topics, but you can get advice or insight on ANY topic.

Are in Pgh Metro Area? AWESOME! (PGH Metro area=a PGH zip code 152** in your mailing address) Then you get the special party rate 60$ per person

Are you outside Pgh Metro Area? Still awesome, and its 70$ per person.

Less than 8 people? That's ok ! It's 70$ per person. 

Free hostess reading if you have 8 people or more. 

There is a credit card retainer of 1$ required to book a date. We set that up for you through Square, so it's secure. Credit card must remain on file till your party. 

Cancellation fee equal to your reading fee if you cancel your party within 2 weeks of your party date. (60$/70$)


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