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 Are you looking for a team of professional Readers for your corporate event? 

We are the ladies of PGH Tarot. We provide tarot readings to cover life topics.People normally ask us about:  

  • Work or Career life 
  • Romance or Love life 
  • Family Dynamics 
  • Health 
  • Finances 

We can answer questions or give insight on these topics and sooo many more, basically if you have a question about life, we can help get you come answers about why things happened in the past by bringing clarity about the underlying patterns of energy, the current themes, or what the possibilities are for future happenings. We can help you get the clarity you need to make decisions, That's our specialty. 

Rev. Rivera ( pictured center) taught us everything she knows. She has been reading for 20+ years and while we are new to reading professionally, we are highly trained and competent. So far we are reading for Art n Angels, which is Rev. Rivera's company that offers painting and tarot, at fun local venues around the city. We have also worked events all over when Rev. Rivera's presence overwhelmed the venue and she ALWAYS needs all hands on deck. We've even discussed how her psychic abilities are rubbing off on us ALL the time. 

Rev. Dani ( pictured far left) and Rev. Alicia (pictured far right) are also partners at Blissful Marriages, Rev. Rivera's mobile wedding ministry. Find more info here if you need a wedding minister.  

At your corporate event, we can read Approximately 10 guests per hour, per reader. That's 30 guests per hour! 

This is how the pricing works: 

100$ per hour per reader requested. 

(Rev. Dani or Rev. Alicia) 

*within Pgh metro area 40 mins drive time * 


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Pgh Tarot

4127 Brownsville Rd Suite 204 PITTSBURGH, PA 15227

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