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Are you in crisis (Spiritual? physical or emotional?) 

There are moments in life when we need answers instantly! Get speedy psychic guidance in times of chaos, turmoil or indecision. No need to wait. When life throws you a curve ball...  there is instant help available.

Rev. Rivera offers a priority hotline service in case of personal or professional emergency. Your emergency psychic reading can  be scheduled within  24 hours or even on the same day, including weekends. There is therefore a minimal lead time for booking and, unlike standard sessions, appointments are available on weekends, depending on Rev. Rivera's personal availability.

A standard booking is a consultation offered at the standard rate and therefore more affordable, but there is a longer lead time for available time-slots.

​Standard appointments cannot be made within 24 hours before the time and no time slots are ever made available on weekends. The lead time for available appointments can therefore be several days to weeks, or sometimes even months, depending on availability.

Emergency Fees

$200 (30 min)
$300 (60 min)

An emergency booking is scheduled as a top priority and is made available much sooner, with less waiting time. There is a minimal lead time for bookings, because an emergency session can be scheduled within  24 hours, depending on Rev.’s daily schedule and availability. Appointments are also available on weekends. This special service is therefore offered at a higher fee and subject to last-minute availability.

PLEASE NOTE: The emergency service is specifically aimed at offering support to clients experiencing trauma, crisis, urgent life challenges, or emotional distress, and should therefore only be used for this purpose. If the nature or purpose of your consultation is not a matter of real urgency, kindly schedule a standard session.